The UK’s only long distance Handicap team event dedicated to Pre ’66 historic cars.

The Equipe Classic Relay is open to all pre ’66 Production Sports, Sports Racing, GT, GTS  and Touring Cars. The event is run for FiA appendix K cars running on Dunlop historic CR65 L section Tyres (FiA papers not demanded).

In 2022, the 3 Hour race is for teams of one to four cars, with a minimum of 2 drivers and a maximum of 4. One car on track at any time so team strategy and car/driver changes can play a big part. A handicap system ensures an exciting and close finish for all classes of car and team.

Long distance team and relay events are well established and known for strong camaraderie. The relay format levels the playing field, the Equipe Classic Relay has multiple car teams ensuring that no driver or car has to do the entire race. It gives the opportunity to be part of a team race without the stress put on one car with multiple drivers.

2020 Highlights

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Equipe 3 Hour Relay 2022

The Equipe 3 Hour Classic Relay is open to all our eligible series cars and registered drivers.
A minimum of one car with 2 drivers up to a maximum of four cars and 4 drivers can take part as a team.
Each team/driver will have a specific race number allocated for this event.  Each car carries the team number (plus letter A, B, C or D dependent on how many cars are in the team).
A 60 minute qualifying session will take place. Teams running more than 1 car will only be allowed to have one team car on track at any one time. All drivers in a team must complete a minimum of 3 laps during qualifying.
For multi-driver teams, the driver starting the 3 Hour Relay will start in the grid position from the time they set in qualifying.
A driver must complete a minimum of 30 minutes during the race.
Mandatory Pit Stops
  • There will be 2 mandatory pit-stops for all competing teams during the 3 Hour race
  • These pit stops will allow driver changes and/or refuelling by means of a suitable fuel urn/tuff jug
  • Cars must remain stationary for no less than 5 minutes
  • Engines must be switched off during refuelling
  • The driver must exit the car during refuelling
  • Pit lane speed limits must always be obeyed
Non-Mandatory Pit Stops
  • Additional pit stops can be made for driver/car changes and will not be subject to any minimum time limits.
  • As one car comes into the pit lane, it must pass the garage of the team car which then pulls out of the garage and follows it. The incoming car comes into the paddock whilst the outgoing car exits on to the track
  • Pit lane speed limits must always be obeyed
An established handicapping system ensures a close race. The handicap gives every team a chance to win with the race becoming more competitive on track towards the chequered flag.
Penalties and race procedures are the same as our existing series.
Close of entries will be 2 weeks prior to the event. Should you need to cancel your entry please inform us as soon as possible. A full refund less £75.00 admin fee will be given up to 2 weeks prior to the event. From 2 weeks to 48 hours prior to the event then a 50% refund will be given. 48 hours or less No Refund will be given.
The Equipe 3 Hour Relay has a standing start.

Pre ’66 Sports, GT, GTS and Touring Cars plus under 2 litre Sports Racing Cars

FiA Appendix K, Dunlop historic CR65 L section Tyres(FiA papers not mandatory).

To discuss your car call Rob or John – numbers in the contact section.

  • 3 hours of race time per team
  • 60 minutes of qualifying per team
  • Silverstone pit garage per team
  • Dedicated Race and Hospitality Centre
  • A shed load of fun

Entry fee – £1,875 per team