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THE EQUIPE MG CUP takes immense pride in its position as the foremost racing series that encompasses the entire spectrum of MG and Rover models.

A new chapter for the MG Cup, in its 36th year.  It stands as the exclusive series catering to a wide array of MG vehicles, ranging from Midgets, MGBs, MGCs, MG Metros, MG Maestros, MG Montegos, MGFs, MGTFs, MGZRs, MGZSs, MGZTs, Rover BRMs, Rover Metro Gti, Rover 220 Turbo, Rover 216 GTIs, and MG3s MG6s. In recent years, it has emerged as the definitive platform for MGZR160/170/190 competing against MGZS180, MGF/TF160, Rover 216 GTI, and Rover 220 Turbos. It continues its relationship with Cherished Vehicle Insurance and Toyo Tires.   

 Our series provides an ideal stage, featuring substantial grids and a commitment to clean and competitive racing. The series boasts classes accommodating race-modified, modified, and road-legal cars, ensuring a diverse field of participants. 

 As the only one-make club series of its kind, it guarantees high-quality, closely contested races, offering options for both front-wheel-drive and rear-wheel-drive cars, all equipped with Toyo tires. Our straightforward class structure, applicable to standard, modified, and full race cars, along with clear regulations aimed at minimizing expenses, renders the series accessible to novices and seasoned drivers alike.  

 Every year, we welcome novices and celebrate the participation of father-and-son/daughter competitors, emphasizing cost efficiency through shared car ownership. 

 Furthermore, our series is characterized by a camaraderie among competitors that enhances the overall race weekend experience. While we maintain a friendly and helpful atmosphere, we remain intensely competitive on the track, all the while upholding stringent driving standards. These values have propelled us to become the largest series within the MG Car Club. 

We eagerly anticipate your presence in 2024 and look forward to another thrilling season. 

MGZR160, 170 and 190  


MGF / MGTF 160 

MG Mastro / MG Montego 



MG Midget 




Rover Metro Gti 

Rover 216Gti 

Rover 220Turbo 

Rover Coupe VVC 


Class A Road  

Class B Modified   

Class C Race  

Class D Slicks (NEW 2024) 

Class I Invitation 


For specific questions on regulations please contact

Race Series Regulations Index:

  1. 1. Series Regulations

  2. 2. Sporting Regulations / Judicial

  3. 3. Sporting regulations / Race procedure (includes pitstop regulations)

  4. 4. Race Penalties

  5. 5. Technical Regulations

  6. 6. Contacts

  1. 1. Series Regulations

1.1 Title and Administration

EQUIPE MG CUP is an invitation series of races organised and administered by Equipe Classic Racing Ltd. This series will not be run as a championship, but prizes will be awarded for individual class and race winners at each event.

It is the intention of the organisers to create a friendly, gentlemanly series of good-value longer-distance events for eligible cars with competent drivers. A high standard of both car presentation and driver behaviour will therefore be expected.

1.2 Series Organisers

John Pearson
Rob Cull

1.3 Series Cordinator

Graeme Williams

1.4 Eligibility Co-ordinator

Peter Burchill

1.5 Competitor Eligibility

All drivers must hold a minimum of a current Motorsport UK Race Club race license for UK events or European equivalent with FIA endorsed logo. For International events, you must have a minimum of a current Motorsport UK National race license or European equivalent with FiA endorsed logo.

All drivers must be registered for the series.

1.6 Registration

All drivers must be approved by and registered with Equipe Classic  Racing

All drivers will be notified of acceptance before any race entry will be considered.

2nd drivers, Non-owners or those renting/borrowing a car must be fully paid-up registered drivers and will have to supply a covering letter of race experience prior to any race entry being accepted.

Equipe Classic Racing reserves the right to not accept or cancel the registration or entry of any driver at any time.

1.7 Race Entries / Cancellation

Close of entries will be 2 weeks prior to the event. Should you need to cancel your entry please inform us as soon as possible. A full refund less £75.00 admin fee will be given up to 2 weeks prior to the event. From 2 weeks to 48 hours prior to the event then a 50% refund will be given. 48 hours or less No Refund will be given.

1.8 Privacy policy

Equipe Classic Racing Ltd does not disclose buyers’ information to any third party except when order and address details are needed as part of the order fulfilment. In this case, the third party will not disclose any of the details to any other third party. 

2. Sporting Regulations / Judicial

These will be in accordance with the national regulations in the country of the event.

3. Sporting regulations / Race procedure

These will be in accordance with the national regulations in the country of the event. 

All races will be from a standing start in the order set by the fastest qualifying time.   

At events with two races, race one grid will be formed based on the fastest qualification time, the grid for race two will be formed using the finishing order of race one with non-finishers in order of retirement at the back of the grid.  

For 2 race weekends the driver order for race 1 and race 2 needs to be set at signing on, the 2nd driver starts at the back of grid. 

4. Race Penalties

These will be in accordance with the national regulations in the country of the event. 

However, entrants should be aware that Equipe Classic Racing will monitor and discipline any poor, overly aggressive or dangerous driving and any driver or car failing to meet the standard approved by Equipe Classic Racing will receive a formal warning. 

Any further infringements within a one-year period may result in exclusion from the series. The driver of any car damaged or causing damage during an Equipe Classic Racing event will also have to seek approval before they may continue to compete in future Equipe Classic Racing races.

5. Technical Regulations

5.1 EQUIPE MG CUP General Principles

This Series is primarily intended for road cars running on control tyres for balance far racing. 

 5.2 Safety Requirements

In accordance with the MSA or the national regulations in the country of the event.

5.2 Race Classes

Class A Road Cars 

Class B Modified Cars  

Class C  Race Cars  

Class D  Slick Cars   

Class I Invitation Cars 

5.3 Advertising

Equipe Classic Racing stickers will be provided, Cherished vehicle insurance Sun Strip and Toyo Tires number plate stickers are mandatory. 

5.4 Race Fuel

All vehicles May use Pump Fuel or VP Racing Fuel to a maximum RON of 102.00; A full definition of pump fuel is given on page 60 of the current MUK Blue Book, but the key numbers are max RON of 100.0 and maximum lead content of 0.005 g/l.

6. Contacts

Please contact with any questions

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