Lotus Elan Race Preparation & Performance Specialists

With years of technical experience restoring and preparing Lotus Elans for race, Tony Thompson Racing provides everything from parts to full car race preparation. Tony Thompson began his business in 1975 selling and servicing light commercial vehicles and high-performance cars.

He started racing in 1980 with the Historic Sports Car Club with a Lotus Elan S4, finishing 3rd in his first championship year. In 1981 Tony purchased a full-race Lotus Elan 26R, but soon discovered he had difficulty in obtaining any spare parts he required, so he began manufacturing his own high-quality spare parts from his workshop, other owners soon started purchasing parts from Tony and the part time hobby rapidly developed into a full time occupation.

By 1985 this had become the major part of the business and In 1990 he started to race prepare cars for his customers.

With services from full Competition Car Build & Rebuild and partnerships with independent workshops around the UK all personal friends of Tony’s who have trained, raced and worked together. Eddie and Tony oversee all major builds whilst Tom and Andy provide the parts supply and support from base. They can also provide brand new gearboxes and diffs or rebuild and reconditioning of your existing units and they can supply a complete brand new engine of any specification or rebuild your existing engine.

Contact them on 01664 566777 or sales@tonythompsonracing.co.uk

Tony Thompson Racing Limited

Units 4 & 5,

Kings Road,

Melton Mowbray.

LE13 1QF